U.S. economy slows after Trump takes office, GDP gains 2%

The U.K. economy has slowed in the second quarter and is expected to slow further this year.Economists at Morgan Stanley said Thursday that GDP growth for the third quarter was expected to be 1.9%.The report came a day after the Trump administration announced it was withdrawing the U.N. sanctions against Russia over its annexation ofRead More

How to tell if you have an erewon market

Erewhon markets are an excellent way to find a few local foodstuffs, and are often found in the middle of the night, when most other grocery stores are closed.If you are looking for a cheap meal, erewons have been known to be packed with everything from a sandwich to fresh fruit and veggies.They also offerRead More

Bloomberg: Wall Street: ‘This is the best time to be a hedge fund manager’

The Bloomberg View article By Robert M. HogueBloomberg Businessweek(Bloomberg: B2B)Published: August 15, 2020 10:59:15It’s not every day that a Wall Street investment guru comes knocking.It’s no surprise that Michael Fincke, who founded Finckes Capital Advisors in 2014 and is a co-founder of Hedge Funds International, is in the business of buying and selling stocks.In hisRead More

How to buy stock on the bond market

In a year when many investors were buying shares in big name stocks, bond market investors looked for big companies with strong earnings and high debt levels to invest in.The stock market is still a risky investment, but its upside is strong.That has fueled a boom in bonds, which is what made the bond boomRead More

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