Findlay market: New ‘big boys’ take advantage of the market’s boom

The market for fresh fruit and vegetables has surged, with the big boys taking advantage of it and competing to take the biggest share.

Findlay Market is one of the largest markets in the region and has been booming for the past few years, as the market is now home to more than 6,000 small farmers.

The market has seen a spike in the past year, with prices for fresh produce, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, increasing at a rate of almost 20 per cent a year.

It’s a trend that has attracted the attention of new giants, as there are some who have been buying and reselling their produce at higher prices.

The ‘big dogs’ in the market, such a Cargill and Cargillin, have been able to raise the price of produce at the same time, said Steve Lachlan, the market owner.

“If the big guys have a problem, they can just buy a lot of vegetables and get their prices up,” he said.

They don’t even know what they’re buying’The market also attracts a lot from the wider community, as it attracts people who want to get involved in the local economy.””

There are just a lot more small farmers and farmers in the community, and the demand is so much higher than it was before.”‘

They don’t even know what they’re buying’The market also attracts a lot from the wider community, as it attracts people who want to get involved in the local economy.

“The markets are a great place to get into farming,” Mr Lachhan said.

“We’re getting a lot younger people, we’re getting more people from the rest of Australia going to the markets, and we’re seeing more people buying into the business.”

The biggest challenge for the market now is finding a new buyer, with many farms going bankrupt as prices go up.

“It’s very hard to find a buyer,” Mr Hinton said.”[The market] doesn’t even really know what it’s buying.”

“It doesn’t know what’s happening to their crops.

They don’t have a lot to sell, they don’t know where they can find the right product, and it’s just too expensive for them to do it themselves.”

He said there was no guarantee the market would be able to continue to grow in the future.


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