Why the prices are so high for Nijiya’s organic grocery market

Nijiyanas organic grocery is on the rise.

With the help of the government, the Nijiyas organic market is now the largest in the country.

The prices at the Nijiyas organic supermarket are $1,300 to $1.50 a pound, with organic produce ranging from $3 to $7 a pound.

The average grocery store price is $4.40 a pound or about $2 a day.

The Nijyas is one of several Asian markets that are expanding, and a lot of them are also being operated by small farmers who have found the demand for their produce has gone up.

Nijiyeas organic farmers, who are about 15,000 people, say the government is subsidizing their organic market because of the increase in demand.

“The government has helped us in the past.

Now it is not only about subsidies but also about giving us the support of the market to make the operation of our business,” said Aneesam Ahmed, who runs Nijya organic market.

The Nijiys organic market has about 8,000 employees.

Many farmers in Nijyeas farm say the prices in the market are more than what they were paying before the government subsidizes their business.

This is one reason why farmers have been hesitant to open their businesses because they believe they will not get the government’s help to do it.

It has been two years since Nijiyuas organic farm started selling its produce to customers.

They say that many of their organic farmers in the Niyas area have already been paying higher prices to the government for the produce.

Ahmed said many farmers in other areas of the country are paying higher taxes, too.

One farmer, who has been operating in the area for three years, said he was surprised to find that the prices were higher in Nijiyoas.

“I think it is due to the amount of subsidies,” he said.

He added that the government was paying about $10,000 a year for organic produce in Niyyoas area.

Aneesami Ahmed says the government has not been giving the farmers much help.

We have been able to open our business, but we have not been given the support to grow our organic crops,” he added.

In the Njiya area, about 10,000 farmers and 500 small producers are operating their own organic farms.

They sell their produce directly to the grocery stores and are paying about 3 to 4 percent on the wholesale market.

But it is a big leap in the last two years.

Now, there are about 5,000 organic farmers and 5,500 small farmers in that area.

Most of the small farmers are farming small plots of land.

There are about 200 small organic farmers who are not yet in the field.

Even though the prices have gone up in the local market, the prices of produce in the supermarket have gone down, too, according to Ahmad.

At the Naiyana Market, a small organic market in Nii, about 50 farmers sell their organic produce to grocery stores.

The market sells about 10 tons of organic produce a day, said Naiya farmer Tareq.

Farmers say the increase of prices in Naniya’s market is due in part to government support, which they say is mainly due to a change in the food policy in the late 1990s.

Government support is a change from a very expensive food policy that was introduced in 1993 that had a lot to do with subsidizing producers to sell their products at prices higher than the market price.

Instead of subsidies, farmers are receiving direct subsidies.

“But the food program changed in 1994, and that was the beginning of the change in food policy. “

When we first started selling our produce to supermarkets, we did not have any direct subsidy,” said Naniyanas farmer Asmaaullah.

“But the food program changed in 1994, and that was the beginning of the change in food policy.

So we started receiving direct subsidy in 1994.

But now, since the new food policy came into effect, the price of produce has increased, and we have been receiving a higher subsidy,” he explained.

Asmaallah added that in Nariya, prices of organic vegetables are also higher than those in Niamyas market.

“We are getting a much higher price because we sell our organic vegetables at the local prices,” she said.

“In Niamyanas, we are selling at about $3 a tonne, and in Najiya, it is about $5 a ton.

And now, prices are higher than in Niliya.”

Farmworkers at Nariyas farm said that the cost of their

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