What you need to know about the Hartford flea markets and what you can expect this year

There will be lots of new faces in the Hartfield area this year as the annual Star Market is set to kick off the holiday shopping season.

According to the Florida Keys Federation of Tourism and Convention, more than 1,000 vendors are set to be open for the event, which runs from Dec. 31 through Jan. 2.

The event is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors to the area, including more than 70,000 people from outside the Florida coast.

The Star Market will also be home to a number of other vendors, including a number on the west coast, including the Horseshoe Carnival and the Starlight Festival.

The Star Market also has a special location for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

According the Florida Department of Tourism, about $200 million in economic activity will be generated during the annual event, with more than 2,200 businesses in the area benefiting from the local economy.

The festival will have more than 5,000 artists and performers, and the event will attract over 200,000 fans to the city each year.

“The Star Markets are the ultimate way for families to experience the joys of the holiday season, and for a local family to have an opportunity to enjoy the bounty of the Sunshine State,” said Bob Pankowski, chairman of the Florida International Economic Development Corporation.

“The Star markets will be a great way for people to come together and experience the holidays for themselves.”

For more information on the Star Market, visit http://www.starsmarket.com.

The Hartford Flea Market, which is hosted by the Florida Aquarium, will feature more than 40 vendors, a variety of live entertainment and activities, and over 300 different holiday-themed items for sale.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $8 for children, $5 for seniors and free for children under 12.

The Florida Keys is one of the most important tourism destinations in the U.S., with an estimated $1.6 billion in annual tourism spending.

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