Why NFL is going big with new mobile app and streaming deal

A couple of weeks ago, the NFL and the NFL Network announced a new agreement to allow users to watch NFL games online.

Now, the league and the network have announced an even bigger deal that will let fans stream the games on their phones, tablets and Apple TV.

The NFL announced the deal with Apple’s “NFL Live” app earlier this month.

The NFL said the app allows users to stream games and watch them on their smart devices.

The app lets users watch any game on any device.

It will include a new way for fans to watch games, according to a press release from the NFL.

The new agreement allows users with Apple TV to access “live” streams of NFL games on an iPhone or iPad, the press release said.

The service will include the ability to watch replays and replay clips on the device, as well as playlists and content.

It’ll also include a way to stream NFL on-demand games and content from other devices to your TV.

A new service, “NFL OnDemand,” is also coming soon to the NFL’s app.

The app allows viewers to watch all games on a variety of devices including Apple TV, Android and Roku.NFL fans will also be able to watch any NFL game via Apple’s Watch app.

The league’s partnership with Apple comes as the NFL continues to be an increasingly important digital destination for its fans.

The league is the second-largest TV network in the U.S. behind the NFL, with more than 1.5 billion viewers and a combined subscriber base of more than 30 million.NFL ratings have been improving and more games are being streamed on a regular basis, which means more fans are watching games on mobile devices.

The more people watch on mobile, the more games will be available to watch.

The partnership with the NFL makes sense, since the NFL is now the largest pay-per-view sports event in the world.

The network, which has become one of the most valuable in the sports world, has enjoyed unprecedented success with its live streaming of football.

The two companies also agreed to a multiyear pact to stream the entire season of NFL primetime on Apple TV in 2019.

That deal includes an all-access pass to NFL games and other content that will be released in the future.NFL owners voted to pass the deal after a meeting with NFL executives on Dec. 4, which included the president of CBS Sports, David Goyer, and the president and general manager of the NFL Players Association, DeMaurice Smith.

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