When it comes to the Dow Jones, there’s no other place to hide

The stock market is on fire.

In the last 12 months, the Dow has gained more than 5,000 points, according to data from FactSet.

Its rise has been driven by a string of tech-related announcements, including Apple’s $548bn acquisition of Beats Electronics.

It’s the biggest single-day gain for the Dow since 2009, when it topped 10,000 for the first time.

But it’s not just Apple’s acquisition of the music-streaming company Beats that has sparked the rally.

Earlier this year, Apple acquired Beats’ headphone business, as well as its popular Beats X brand, in an all-stock deal worth $3bn.

Apple has also been the most aggressive in the world in promoting its own products, with its Beats headphones and accessories, Apple Watch and Apple Music.

Despite Apple’s dominance, many investors have been sceptical of its continued dominance.

Many investors are sceptical about Apple’s continued dominance, with some predicting a sharp drop in the market, or even a correction.

“We are in uncharted territory, but there is no reason to panic,” said Paul Chapple, analyst at Jefferies in a research note.

While Apple has seen strong growth in its shares over the past year, many analysts are questioning the ability of the company to continue to grow the market and expand the number of new products it launches.

Analysts also said the stock could see another major sell-off if Apple continues to lose market share to rivals.

Some investors are also questioning the success of the Apple Watch.

As the tech giant seeks to tap into the new, connected era, many are concerned that the wearable device will be unable to keep up with Apple’s growing market share.

There are also growing concerns that the smartphone giant is too reliant on the smartphone market, where Apple has a substantial market share and Apple Watch is not competitive with Android phones.

Investors are also worried about the health of the internet, which has seen record volumes of data breaches over the last year.

The Dow Jones industrial average has lost more than 20 percent over the course of 2017, with the index hitting an all time high of 17,542 on Monday, with a 10-day moving average of 22,946.


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