How to save on your grocery shopping list

We all know what happens when you buy something and then forget to take a picture or upload a video.

Or you just want to take the time to save money on your groceries but don’t have time to do it.

Luckily, there are some great ways to save by shopping for groceries at farmers markets and grocery stores.


Buy your groceries from a local source and save money 2.

Learn about local produce 3.

Find the best deals at farmers market 4.

Shop locally with the help of local experts 5.

Use coupons for great savings 6.

Use local stores to save even more 7.

Use your credit card to save for groceries 8.

Get more groceries for less 8 ways to shop for groceries with the Helping Hands app available now from Apple and Android.1.

Use this app to shop locally and find local vendors, farmers, and farmers markets.2.

Dollar Shave Club.

This app lets you buy and sell a wide variety of shaving essentials and products with your credit cards.3.


The best haircuts on the market today are from local shops and farmers market vendors.4.

Farmers Market Center.

Farmers market centers have grown in popularity and are a great place to shop.

You can also find farmers markets in all of the major cities.5.

Fresh Market.

Fresh Market is the best way to find fresh produce and fresh meat at local markets.6.

Save a bundle with farmers market deals.

This one deals with groceries and includes some of the best grocery deals on the internet.7. and check out some of these amazing local farmers markets on, or

The Farm at Southfield Farmers Market in Southfield, Ohio.2)The Green City Farmers Market at Woodland Hills, Illinois.3)The Southwestern Farmers Market near El Paso, Texas.4)The New York City Farmers’ Market at The Bowery in New York, NY.5)The Northside Farmers Market and Farmers Market on the Greenville Pike in Nashville, Tennessee.6)The Biltmore Farmers Market just off the interstate in Nashville.7)The Lakeland Farmers Market off of the Interstate 45 in Lakeland, Florida.8)The Farm on the Farm at the Biltman Farm in Lake Charles, Louisiana.9)The Farmers Market Farmers Market located in the city of Fort Worth, Texas, is the premier farmers market in Texas.10)The Farmer’s Market on Main Street in Brooklyn, New York.11)The Fresh Market Farmers’ Markets in the Bronx, New Jersey.12)The Cottages Farmers Market, a farmers market located in Brooklyn and New York in New Jersey, offers fresh fruits and vegetables, and more.13)The Central Valley Farmers Market is located on the outskirts of the city, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, just west of San Francisco.14)The Westside Farmers’ Fairgrounds Farmers Market offers fresh produce, meat and other fresh meats, as well as farm fresh produce.15)The Market at Greenfield Farmers’ Park in Greenfield, Michigan, offers some of America’s best fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.16)The Spring Green Farmers’ market in Santa Cruz, California, is a great way to shop this year.17)The Downtown Farmers Market of Seattle is the only farmers market near downtown Seattle.18)The Fells Point Farmers Market provides fresh produce at the waterfront of Fells Points, Massachusetts, and the best selection of fresh fruits in the area.19)The Harvest Farmers Market & Garden is a fantastic farmers market and farm show in the heart of New England.20)The River Valley Farmers’ Farmers Market showcases all kinds of fresh produce including apples, pears, oranges, cantaloupes, pumpkins, strawberries, squash, pumpkin seeds and other crops.21)The Winter Farmers Market has the best apples and other fruits, flowers and vegetables at any farmers market.22)The St. Johns Farmers Market hosts farmers and organic farmers from around the country at the annual event.23)The Fairmount Farmers Market features the freshest produce and meats and more than 20 local vendors.24)The Redwood City Farmers market is a must-see and must-visit for foodies in the South Bay.25)The farmers market of Santa Barbara, California hosts a unique market with over 100 vendors offering fresh fruits from all over the world.26)The Great Southern Market hosts a beautiful market with a diverse assortment of fresh food.27)The Pines Farmers Market brings the fresher produce to the people of Northern California.28)The Greensboro Farmers Market highlights the freshening foods and fresh produce of the South.29)The Denny Farmers Market will showcase fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and more at this great farmers market!

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