How to make the best of China’s stock market

For all the hype around China’s booming stock market, one thing is clear: it is still not doing very well.

In fact, it has only recovered about 5% of its pre-crisis value.

That’s a huge drop from a peak of almost 30% just two years ago.

China’s economy has grown by more than 100% since the beginning of the century.

The stock market is a big part of that.

Its value is tied to the country’s huge government spending and its booming industrialisation.

Its biggest competitors are the US and Europe.

It is a giant market and its stock market remains the most popular place to buy and sell in the world.

But its stock markets are not without risks.

A recent study by Bloomberg estimated that there are over 600,000 scams in the stock market.

There is a lot of money to be made, and lots of people to be scammed, but at the same time, people often lose money.

The researchers said that a scammer may promise a huge investment, and then over the course of several months, buy back the shares they were promised, only to lose more money as the shares rise in value.

They also found that a huge proportion of the stock scammer’s losses are caused by “the very nature of the market”, and not just because of fraud.

One in three of the scams reported to the Shanghai Stock Exchange were actually made up, according to the researchers.

That could be bad news for investors.

A lot of people in China invest in stock because they have money to burn.

And if their share price rises, they may be willing to pay a lot for that share.

But there are risks too.

Some people invest in the market to earn money for their families, but the market can be an attractive target for scammers who want to make money.

For example, the study found that one in three stock scams is actually a scam.

That is because the scammer will offer to sell shares to the scamming party.

If the scam is successful, they will pocket the profits.

But if the scam fails, the scam victim may end up paying a hefty price for the shares he or she invested in.

Another problem is that people often buy stocks based on their own assumptions, which may not be accurate.

The study estimated that one scammer, who is not a trader, may buy up to 15% of shares, and that a large number of those shares could be worthless.

This is because they may not know the company’s true value, and the stock price is volatile, making it difficult to judge how much profit the company really earns.

There are also reports of scammers buying shares in China based on the company they have bought from.

They may buy shares based on how much money they expect the company will make in a year, or they may use their own financial metrics to predict the company should be worth more money.

But the report also found scams involving fake companies and fraudulent people.

One of the most damaging scams involves an alleged scammer pretending to be a real company and selling shares to investors.

These shares could come in handy later on.

The report found that the scammers often made huge profits.

In one case, they paid $2.4m to acquire the shares of a company called Arianespace.

But when they sold those shares to someone else, the person they bought them from received only $1,800.

In another case, a scam artist paid $1.3m for shares of the company that were supposed to be worth around $20.

He later got a total loss of $1m.

One scammer said that he only invested in stocks that he believed in.

He used these funds to buy cars and other items.

But later, he got scammed and lost a lot more money, according the report.

Another scammer was a lawyer, who was able to make a fortune by buying shares from other people.

But this was all part of a scheme that required a lot less trust.

He also told the researchers that he often went on “business trips” to buy shares.

When he got a chance, he used his money to buy a car for himself and his partner.

But it was a big loss and they had to pay back the money to the investors who gave them money.

In the end, he spent most of his money buying cars for himself, his partner and his friends.

But at least he was able save money.

There were other examples of scams involving people buying shares based purely on speculation, and not real company performance.

This one involved a man who bought shares for himself to invest in a real-estate firm in the US.

He bought more than $3 million worth of shares and ended up losing about $5m.

The man later admitted to the investigators that he had been scammed by a fake firm called Bausch & Lomb.

He admitted to having used

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