How to keep your eyes open for the big day in Africa

The African market has a lot of ups and downs during the year.

However, there are a few things to watch out for.

There is the African stock market crash, which will continue to haunt stocks for the next two months, and a big stock market holiday.

The stock market in Africa is up a whopping 70% from the year before.

For those who haven’t heard of this event, it is a celebration of the African continent’s independence.

It is a yearly event that brings African people together and celebrates African heritage.

So if you have a lot on your mind during the African market, and don’t want to miss it, be sure to get your tickets now.

However the stock market is still down more than 80%.

The stock price of African companies is up by over 30% from last year.

The biggest loser is Africa’s most successful African airline, Air Kenya, which has dropped by over 60% from its 2016 peak of around $60 billion. 

The Stock Market Holiday is also happening in February, which is an important time of year.

In addition to the stock crash, the holiday is a chance for African companies to release new products.

African companies are also expected to release some new financial results in the coming weeks.

This holiday is an especially good time for African businesses to release quarterly financial results as many African companies report that their annual revenue is down over 10% in the first half of the year, and the percentage of total sales down from last quarter. 

While the African markets are down, the stock markets of the US, Europe, Japan, and China are up. 

Despite the stock price crash, many African stock companies are still holding on to their markets.

The largest African stock exchange, Afrecom, is still up by almost 60% year-over-year, which makes it one of the safest places to trade stocks in the region.

In fact, the African stocks are up more than 60% over the last year, which means that even if there is a crash, investors are still able to access these companies. 

In addition to these big stock markets, African markets also have a few other ups and down events that may affect the market.

This is where we come in.

If you are looking to invest, African stock markets are a great place to invest.

The market is relatively safe, and if you do not have a ton of money to invest in stocks, then there are other investment options out there. 

So what is the biggest stock market event that will affect Africa? 

The African market is in the midst of a stock market collapse, and its a big deal.

African markets have a volatile, volatile stock market.

It was down from over 90% in 2016, and it has fallen to a low of around 30% in 2017.

African stock prices are volatile, which leads to investors being hesitant to put their money into stocks. 

As a result, African stocks will be down by more than 30% over time. 

African stock markets will also be down in 2018, which could be a huge shock to the market if things do not go well for African stocks.

The African stock price could plummet in the next year.

African stocks could fall even further if there are major events.

For example, there is the Black Friday Black Swan event that comes on November 24th.

This event is an annual event that marks a major event in the African economy, such as the start of the Black Spring.

The Black Swan will bring about economic turmoil in Africa, and people could not hold onto their money.

It could also be an event that pushes African stock stocks lower. 

Black Swan events happen when the Black Swan events occur in Africa.

This means that the Black Market, which was the main activity in Africa at the end of the 2016 stock market panic, is back in the air.

The black market has been back to around 70% of its 2016 level, and is currently up by more then 80%. 

African stocks could also fall even more if there isn’t a big event in Africa during Black Swan. 

According to data from Black Swan, the black market is up over 30%. 

This means that if African stocks do not recover in 2018 or 2019, investors may have to sell their African stocks, which would be a devastating blow to the African economies economy. 

What are the biggest stocks that are going up in Africa?

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