Europe’s biggest supermarkets will open on Wednesday

Fresh market, tropical market, olive oil and coffee will be available in European supermarkets, the country’s top food authorities have said, as part of the EU’s effort to cut down on supermarket food waste.

Fresh market in France, a popular destination for fresh fruit and vegetables, is the latest supermarket to open on a Wednesday, as supermarkets in the Netherlands and Austria also opened on Wednesday.

French supermarket group A&G, which owns supermarkets in Italy and Spain, said on Thursday that it would open on Wednesdays at the end of February.

The company said the move would help it improve its customer service, and to save the environment.

French consumer groups welcomed the move, saying it would reduce supermarket food wastage, but also urged the European Commission to consider a mandatory minimum price for supermarkets.

“This is a very welcome step, because it’s going to help cut down the waste of food, but it also opens up supermarkets for people to use,” said Jean-Claude Perron, executive director of the French association for the sustainable food sector.

“This is an important step.

But it’s not enough.

We need to look at the minimum price of food as well.”

Last month, the European Union launched a pilot project to try to tackle the country of 1.2 billion people’s food waste problem, with the aim of saving the EU one billion tonnes of food each year.

France’s fresh market is one of Europe’s busiest, accounting for up to 10 percent of the countrys total imports.

Its opening comes as other countries such as Italy and Germany are also considering opening their supermarkets on Wednesday as part the EU initiative.

Food waste is the third largest problem in Europe after greenhouse gas emissions and transport.

The European Commission estimates that France has more than 1,200 tonnes of fresh produce thrown away every day.

In a statement, the agency said that in the first week of March, it received 4,826 complaints about food waste and that the number of cases of food poisoning rose by more than 50 percent compared with the same period last year.

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