Farmer: We need a market crash

Farmer: I don’t know what it is, but we need a price collapse.

The farmer was sitting on a farm outside the city of San Jose, California, when the price crash hit last week.

The market is so volatile, you have to buy a lot of things to survive, and that’s not going to be an easy task.

There’s so much that we’ve got to get through in the farming community.

He’s also a farmer, and he’s been out there in the fields all day and all night, but he says there’s no way to put a price on it.

We need to have a price crash.

That’s what I’m saying.

And we need to get our farm and our people back.

I’m here with you, my friend.

And I want you to know, that you have a choice, and it’s up to you.

There’s no doubt in my mind, there’s a price that’s going to fall.

I’m here to tell you what you need to know.

And you know what?

I’ve been working on that for about two years, and I think I’ve got the answer.

The problem is, you don’t have time to look back.

We have to have it right now.

I want to give you some numbers.

The average family income for California’s agricultural counties is $25,000.

That works out to an annual income of about $6,400 per family, which means there are just over 2.5 million families who earn less than $25.

The majority of those are small farmers.

I think we need $2.4 trillion in tax revenue, because the money is going to the farmers and the ranchers, the big corporations.

Now, I know you’re all hungry.

I know we’re all going to have to eat.

But I want us to start by thinking about the real problem.

The real problem is that we have an economy that’s too big and too concentrated, and you don.t know who you are or what you have.

I was talking to a guy who’s a big, rich guy who works in a big company that makes cars.

He told me he’s thinking of buying a house in Santa Barbara.

The house will be $5 million.

I say, how much is that?

He said, $1 million.

You don’t even know how much I’ve made from this house.

The way we are, we don’t give a damn.

If I were a big rich guy, and we all started making money off the backs of our families, we’d be making money every day, and then we’d have so much money that we’d get so rich that we could buy a million houses.

That would be awesome.

But we don.’t.

Because the system is rigged, and if you don’ t stand up and say enough is enough, you are going to go down.

This is the problem with politics.

The only thing we have going for us is a system that is rigged.

And we’ve tried to fix it, and now we have to take the political system that’s rigged to the next level, where you don?t get the votes you need, and people are scared.

That means you have two options: 1) We have a real political revolution, or 2) We?re going to get a real, big-picture political revolution.

The real political revolutionary will not come from people who are rich.

He?s going to come from folks who are poor.

And it will not be a small revolution, because there will be millions of people in both camps, both of whom will have to stand up.

But the revolution will be from the bottom up.

And the bottom will be a movement of the 99%.

There is a real threat in the country right now, and there?s a real danger of a financial collapse.

So we?re starting to have real political movement in the United States.

It?s coming from the top down, and the real political revolutionaries are people who have been waiting a long time for this moment.

And they are going into a country that has been rigged for years, with a system where the rich have the upper hand.

We can fix it.

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