How to deal with the stock market crash

When the market crash hit in October 2015, Italian farmers and stock market traders were among the first to suffer losses.

In February 2016, the stock markets crashed again, this time by more than 60% as the European Central Bank tightened monetary policy, leaving farmers and traders in the worst shape they had been in for years.

But they weren’t alone.

Across Europe, the economic fallout from the financial crisis has been felt with far greater severity than the collapse in prices of stocks and bonds.

In Europe, a new report by the International Crisis Group (ICG) found that nearly 50% of farmers, and nearly 50 percent of traders, suffered losses between December 2015 and January 2016.

While the impact of the stock and bond markets may not be as profound as the collapse of the real estate market, the financial consequences of the crisis are.

“There is no question that the financial market crisis has created a situation in which the EU is at risk of losing a significant proportion of its agricultural exports, which would affect the ability of the EU to absorb the costs of economic recovery in the coming years,” said the report.

The impact of this crisis on the agricultural sector, which employs around half of the European population, has been the subject of a major debate over the past year.

This has led to heated debates over whether or not it was the fault of farmers.

The government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has defended his government’s policies in the face of mounting pressure from the EU, while the farmers’ trade union, CEMI, has argued that the government’s attempts to tackle the crisis were counterproductive.

However, the report by ICG shows that the situation in the farming sector is not so rosy.

The report states that “a majority of farmers have not experienced any reduction in the level of their exports and are currently receiving the benefits of their high-value agricultural exports”.

It further states that, “the majority of these exports are from the agriculture sector and the majority of the farmers have had the benefit of high-end agricultural products, such as cereals and milk, since the start of the economic crisis.”

In fact, farmers are being forced to use their own money to pay for the products they produce.

The financial impact of economic and political crises on the farming industry is profound.

The farm sector has been one of the most important sectors of the Italian economy for over 100 years.

The region has been a source of many jobs for generations, and for most of this time, the farming community has been thriving and thriving.

But after the crisis, the sector is in a state of limbo.

In the months following the collapse, some farmers and brokers started to complain about their situation.

One trader, named as Mario in the report, said he had received “a few hundred thousand euros from the government for his farm”.

Mario, who is from the town of Bologna, told the Financial Times that he had been unable to find a buyer for his crop for several months, and he had only recently started to pay his rent.

“I am not a farmer.

I have a few years of schooling, and I have no intention of going back to work,” he said.

Mario also said that he was unable to get an apartment because he had lost his job.

“For me, this crisis has completely changed my life, and the whole family has had to go back to their own work.

I cannot go back into the farm.”

Mario is now working in a factory in a nearby town.

He said he has had trouble finding work because of the situation and the difficulty of finding food.

“It’s very hard to find work,” Mario said.

“We are a small family, we have a small shop, and we can’t even get a job.

We have a very difficult situation.

We cannot afford to buy food.”

The report also stated that farmers who are unable to access the capital markets due to the financial shock could find it difficult to pay their debts and keep the farm going.

“If you are a farmer, you need to have some financial reserves in order to pay your debts, because it will be difficult to keep your business going,” the report states.

However some farmers are not suffering so much as the losses caused by the stock crash.

According to the report , a quarter of Italian farmers have been able to borrow for their crop for a total of around 500,000 euros ($600,000).

This figure has increased in recent months as farmers have begun to see the benefit from the increased interest rates on their loans.

As of the end of March 2016, one farmer, named Giovanni in the ICG report, had repaid nearly 50,000 euro in loan repayments, and another farmer, identified as Mina, had paid off around 50,500 euro.

Both of these farmers are now working for their local farmers market.

However this does not necessarily mean that all farmers are facing a financial crunch.

According the report: “A majority

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