When the world went crazy on Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Day 2017

By now you probably know the day was named for the legendary explorer Christopher Columbus, who sailed from Cuba in 1492 to America and finally landed in the Americas.

However, what you may not know is that Columbus’ discovery of the New World was based on a much smaller island, the Bahamas, which he discovered in 1516. 

Today, the New England area of the Bahamas is a popular destination for vacationers from around the world.

And, thanks to a few decades of research, the island of St. Croix, a little-known little-populated island in the Bahamas known for its coral reefs and pristine beaches, has emerged as a popular place to visit. 

While most people think of St.-Croix as a sleepy little island off the coast of Maine, this island is home to the largest population of coral reefs in the world, and it’s also one of the world’s most endangered species.

And thanks to the efforts of a local nonprofit called St. John’s Bay Foundation, this small island is slowly beginning to recover. 

St. John, or St. Joe, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the foundation that has made this place the center of its mission to save and restore this island and its coral-reef-rich waters is called the St. Johns Bay Foundation. 

This year, the St Johns Bay foundation is hoping to build on its past success with a project that will allow visitors to discover St. George Island, the world heritage site on St. Martin, a small island in St. Thomas. 

In the summer of 2019, the foundation and its partners have been working with the St Croix community to create a tour of St George Island that will take visitors through a series of natural features, including St. James Bay, St. Joseph’s Bay and St. Augustine Bay. 

A guide will lead visitors through the island’s unique coral reefs, which are protected under UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention and can be seen in natural light during the day, but at night the coral reefs turn white, creating a stunning natural spectacle. 

The St John’s bay site has been in the St John Stokes Heritage Preservation Plan since the 1990s, and in recent years, the community has worked closely with the foundation to preserve the natural features and to protect the islands natural ecology. 

One of the challenges St.

John’s Bay is facing right now is the rising tide of coral death.

The island’s coral reefs have been on the brink of extinction for many years, and many people believe the tide is about to turn. 

“The tide has turned.

There is no way to protect them.

They are being lost to us.

We need to work together to keep them alive,” said Sarah McQueen, who works as a conservationist with the island. 

To help prevent the tide from turning and preserve St. St. Gilles and St Joseph’s reefs, the foundations mission is to create the St Joes Bay Tour. 

During the St Joe Stokes and St John islands tour, people will get a first-hand look at the natural wonders and flora and fauna on the islands. 

When the tour is over, the people will have the opportunity to get some good food and drinks, and a chance to have a conversation with a St.

Joe resident. 

And that’s just the beginning.

The St.

Joes Bay Foundation hopes that the St Mary’s Bay, and St Jossey Bay in particular, will be a destination for visitors to visit in the future.

“We really want to see what the world looks like when it is in good shape,” said St John resident Jennifer Reitz.

“When it is safe, beautiful and healthy.” 

If you’d like to learn more about St. Joes and St Joises reefs, you can visit the St Joseph Stokes Foundation website to learn about their efforts to protect St. Marys bay and St Joe’s reefs. 

Like the St St. Joses and the St Jois, St Joseph is the only protected Caribbean island in New England. 

Despite its status as a UNESCO Heritage Site and one of its natural wonders, the entire St. Joises and St Marys reefs are threatened by rising tides and a lack of natural protection. 

For more information, visit the St Joes Foundation’s St John’s Island Heritage Tour.

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