What You Need to Know About the Next 100 Years of Weather in the U.S.

A decade after Hurricane Sandy, a second storm is likely to bring record rainfall to the Northeast.

Here are five things you need to know about that storm, which could bring record rain and flooding to the region in the coming days.


It’s a new hurricane The last storm to make landfall on the East Coast was Hurricane Joaquin, in August 2015.

Joaquin made landfall off the coast of Florida on Aug. 30, 2016.

But it wasn’t Joaquin that killed a lot of people and left a mess, said Paul Kranish, a professor of atmospheric sciences at Florida International University.

Rather, Joaquin was the second-worst storm in U.N. records dating back to 1880, Kranis research suggests.

Joaquin hit the coast between Aug. 27 and Sept. 2, 2015, with winds of 185 mph.

The storm also dumped nearly 100 inches of rain on the Florida Keys.

It was the worst Category 2 storm to hit the U, making landfall in a U.F.O. evacuation zone, according to NOAA.

But that storm was far from the worst to hit Florida, as another storm, Hurricane Wilma, hit the Keys in October 2016.

Wilma dumped a whopping 4 feet of rain and left more than 2,000 people homeless, according the U-Folk.


The Northeast was hit hard The storm dumped more than 100 inches (3.4 meters) of rain, a record high for that time of year, and caused a flood-related death toll.

But what is particularly troubling for meteorologists is that, because the storm was so far away, the U of F’s hurricane track didn’t show up in the data, Krantz said.

That left the UF scientists unable to determine the impact of Joaquin’s strong winds and flooding.

Kranhas team did find a difference in how the storms affected the weather in the region, with Wilma bringing more rain to the Keys and less to Florida.

“It’s hard to know exactly how much the storm contributed to this,” Kranishes research showed, according, The New York Times.


It killed many people The U.K. recorded the highest death toll in the country for a Category 1 storm, as it hit in October 2015.

In that storm alone, the deaths of five people in the British Isles were estimated at 1,200, according an analysis by the Guardian newspaper.

The deaths of two people in Ireland were also high.

The U-K.

was hit by three Category 1 storms in a row in 2014, with Joaquin the third.

The third storm, Wilma was more intense than the previous two storms and more damaging.

WilMA killed at least 100 people in one of the worst hurricanes in U-N.

history, according Kranises research.

“This is not the worst storm ever to hit our country, but it is not in the top tier,” Krantzi said.


It had a lot more power than previous storms The National Hurricane Center reports that Joaquin had a sustained winds of at least 150 mph (240 kph), and a wind speed of more than 400 mph (760 kph).

Joaquin has a strong front moving off the Atlantic coast, and the UH-1N model used by the UHF forecasters showed that Joaquan would bring a front with sustained winds at or near 180 mph (275 kph) at landfall.

Wilmas front brought winds of about 180 mph, Kramish said.

Wilmias strength was stronger than the last time Joaquin hit the United States, when it made landfall in October 2012, he added.

Wilmotias strength also increased from previous storms, the forecasters noted.

The weather forecast is not yet available for Joaquín.


It will bring record flooding and damage for some areas It is not clear whether the floodwaters will be so deep in some areas that it will be impossible to get out.

But some areas will see more than 1 feet (30 centimeters) of water in their areas, Krasish said in an email.

Flooding will also be a concern in some places in Florida, because of the proximity of Wilma and Joaquin.

As of Sunday, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) reported that the flood level in parts of Broward County is expected to be 3 feet (1 meter) or more.

Floodwaters are expected to rise to about 1,000 feet (500 meters) or so, Krakowski said.

In addition to flooding, there will be significant damage to buildings and property.

Floods have already occurred in Fort Lauderdale, the city of Jacksonville and parts of Pensacola.

Kramishes research also shows that Wilma caused flooding in a couple of places, but not as much as expected.

“There are still areas that may not be able to recover completely from these flooding events,” Kramisch said. Krantzes

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